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January 18, 2018

There’s no denying the brilliance of REZZ’s collaboration with Toronto producer 13. We previously extolled dark and visceral, acidic and hypnotic DRUGS!, here. It’s no wonder that REZZ is considered one of the most talented and intriguing producers out there right now. Salt Lake City psychedelic bass project K Theory must have been drawn to the trippy headiness of the jam, because he’s offered up a brain jarring, synapses melting rework of DRUGS!. And really, I can’t think of anyone better to take on the track. His glitch hop and acid bass approach is more than appropriate for the original. In fact, no other mind altering substances are necessary for a cosmic psychotropic odyssey with this sick remix droning, warbling, and oscillating through our ears. I feel like I’m caught up in new dimension, or a sci-fi fantasy, like a Blade Runner film set further into the future, perhaps centuries ahead. 

May 22, 2017

I’m thoroughly enraptured by the high voltage treatment this producer has given Cruel Youth’s Alexis Texas. In fact, I’m thoroughly enraptured by everything I’ve hitherto encountered from Darth & Vader after falling in love with that taut gripping remix. The Brazilian producer turns Cruel Youth’s Alexis Texas into a tense jouncing Brazilian bass, dark smoldering deep house, & sharply serrated future house chimeric beast. It’s just the Monday morning spritz of adrenaline pumping, serotonin releasing dance music I need. The original comes off of Cruel Youth’s excellent 2016 EP, +30mg, a bewitching sonic affair if there ever was one, with Teddy Sinclair’s smoky exquisite vocals on full display. For more of Darth & Vader’s electrifying sonic stimulation, check out his remix of Nirvana classic Come As You Are below. And for a dose of gratifying originality, stream Darth & Vader’s collaboration with Vincce & Luo below that. Revel in Kalinda’s visceral fusion of deep house, acid techno, Brazilian house, and future house. 

November 4, 2016

Earlier this year, IHM shared a couple of wickedly jouncing, frenetically fidgeting bangers from a mysterious new trio named Xia Xia Technique (X.X.T), whom I later found out consists of a spunky vocalist named Psycho Flower MC as well as producers

GR1M3Y-T and G3NR8TR. From that day on, I’ve been eagerly awaiting quirky new treats from this uniquely innovative team. Among the two fresh singles to pounce on comes a smashing jam named Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut). This Jersey bouncing, hip hop bristling, dark trance glowering number is full on exhilarating, and it comes with a flashy maniacal music video, too, which you can stream below. If you’ve ever wondered what a wild acid techno mixture of Azealia Banks, Die Antwoord, and Crystal Castles might sound like, step off the precipice and into the spinning tornado that is Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut). X.X.T also unleashed another rampant scintillating track named Gucci Guys, a frisky playful track you can stream below as well. You can follow along with X.X.T on their website as they continue to awe and dazzle with their edgy stimulating music.

October 12, 2016

Enigmatic trio Potion & Pills comes at us dark and heavy on Juicy, a savagely rapturous twist on Kanye West’s star studded, droopy swerving hit, Mercy, featuring Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz. From the get go, Juicy is a hardcore mind trip. Blistering acid house morphs into metallic future house as the track proceeds, all the while driven by a carnal bouncing bassline. Juicy nearly fools my brain into believing I’m deep in the bowels of a grimy basement, raving the night away. It’s that wicked of a vicious banger. Snag your copy of Juicy, here.

June 16, 2016

I would count any day with a double dose of Phantogram a very marvelous one, and that’s the sort of day we’ve had today. Not only did we get a brand new Phantogram single, which I shared earlier tonight, we now get to have our brain rattled by a remix of A-Trak’s Phantogram featuring hit Parallel Lines by legendary dance punk and electro house purveyors, MSTRKRFT. These parallel lines aren’t exactly running parallel anymore on MSTRKRFT’s trippy revision. They’re squiggly and angular. They twist and turn, coiling back on themselves, amplified menacingly in an acid burnt techno fashion by Al-P and Jesse F. Keeler. The dark hypnotic remix comes from a Parallel Lines remix package to be released on Fool’s Gold June 1st. Head to iTunes to grab the track.

April 8, 2016

If you’re at all wondering why this Brooklyn based producer goes by the name Devil Disco, you’ll quickly find your answer in his new remix of Lana Del Rey’s Without You. The “disco” is readily apparent from the edit’s very first bars, but then he goes dark and sinister with the distortion and warping on the elastically jouncing, animatedly haunting treat. Who else but Lana Del Rey is perfect for such an eerie yet thrilling makeover? I’m just about ready to bounce out of my seat right now to Devil Disco’s acid-techno-goth-disco spectacular. 

April 7, 2016

HOST is a London based production duo who have me hypnotized and ready to dance all night to their rigorous new single, State Of Your Soul, a song that was mixed by Steve Dub from The Chemical Brothers. State Of Your Soul is a thumping, throbbing electro pop and electro house eruption of bass driven euphoria. They explain that the darkly acidic song is about “that existential feeling late in the night when you start to question your existence during a break from the dance floor… or the moment when you wake up and realise The Haçienda is now just a block of flats”. Well, that’s okay, we can define our existence on the dance floor of my living room, as I’m about to do right now. State Of Your Soul will be released as part of a limited edition double A side alongside HOST’s debut single, All Night Every Night. The 12″ black vinyl will be out April 8th via B3SCI Records. Pre-order, here.

April 2, 2016

Berlin production mainstay Boys Noize is preparing to drop his fourth full length, Mayday, on May 20th via his own BOYSNOIZE label. He’s also revealed a song I was greatly looking forward to ever since I caught wind of this collaboration. Starchild features vocals by POLIÇA’s Channy Leanaugh,. Hearing her on a new tune is a very welcome extra dose of her smoky vocals after blasting POLIÇA’s new album United Crushers daily since its release. Starchild ripples and sparkles softly, its hypnotic percussion and dynamic atmosphere a bed of textured magnificence for Channy’s voice. Starchild is surprisingly ambient and abstract, a sensational taste from Boys Noize’s new album. Pre-order the producer’s new album Mayday from iTunes.

March 30, 2016

The very synapses of my brain fire and crackle with electricity when doused in the mind melting acid techno of Metacentric’s The Flow. The Brazilian production act makes a heady appearance on my radar for the very first time with the wicked beast, a savage and dark mesmerizer ready for a carnal night out on a sweaty basement dance floor. Metacentric brings me back to the black light and lasers lit underground raves of my olden days with the riveting and intense track. I can nearly smell the damp air and feel the mist from the fog machine circling around me. The Flow is a free download, here.

May 14, 2015

I can’t say that I’m all that familiar with British electronic legends and progressive house pioneers Leftfield, who have been around since the late ‘80s. But if today’s new track is any indication, it would be a fantastic idea for me to take a night and delve into their past repertoire. Bilocation is a heady, dark offering, plus it features Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh, whose voice never fails to spellbind me. It’s obvious progressive house has changed a lot over the years, as Leftfield’s sound is far more dubby, acidic, and techy, like that of Prodigy or even Aphex Twins. Bilocation is from Leftfield’s new album, Alternative Light Source, out June 8th via BMG. I’m guessing it’s going to be a wicked record.