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April 20, 2018

The fact that legendary electrogaze and industrial electronica crew The Glitch Mob tapped Elohim for their latest track I Could Be Anything is nothing short of an affirmation of the Los Angeles electro-pop artist and producer’s talent. And together, they did wonders on the spectacular song, a conjoining of the classically exalted with the voice of the future. And now, I Could Be Anything has received an official remix treatment from another “voice” of the future, or much venerated and beloved producer REZZ. She’s given I Could Be Anything an acidic warbling dubstep edit. The ravey remix is invigorating and rousing, visceral and electrifying. REZZ takes us on a dark journey into the nebulae of our minds. To add to the intensity of this odyssey, watch the mesmerizing music video for REZZ’s remix below. Download/stream the track, here.

February 9, 2018

Who else but Danish production duo THANKS could immediately inspire us to don our dancing shoes and bust out some sweet moves after a long day? The pair are back with their rambunctious dance rock and French house inflected disco house on their frisky bacchanalian banger Sunshine. So go on, let that sunshine into your heart, throw your hands up in the air, and party the night away to this funkalicious groover. It’ll leave you beaming in joy just before you dive back in head first. Sunshine even has some wonderfully acidic moments for a full on dizzying trip of a soiree. It’s like Basement Jaxx meets C2C and Junior Senior. Stream/download the track, here.

January 18, 2018

There’s no denying the brilliance of REZZ’s collaboration with Toronto producer 13. We previously extolled dark and visceral, acidic and hypnotic DRUGS!, here. It’s no wonder that REZZ is considered one of the most talented and intriguing producers out there right now. Salt Lake City psychedelic bass project K Theory must have been drawn to the trippy headiness of the jam, because he’s offered up a brain jarring, synapses melting rework of DRUGS!. And really, I can’t think of anyone better to take on the track. His glitch hop and acid bass approach is more than appropriate for the original. In fact, no other mind altering substances are necessary for a cosmic psychotropic odyssey with this sick remix droning, warbling, and oscillating through our ears. I feel like I’m caught up in new dimension, or a sci-fi fantasy, like a Blade Runner film set further into the future, perhaps centuries ahead. 

October 27, 2017

My brain near short circuited from excitement when I noticed these two acts coming together on one new remix. I’m still glowing from the magnificence of Oh Wonder’s sold out show at the Fox in Oakland last week, and now a wicked remix of their Ultralife cut Lifetimes has surfaced. At the helm of this edit is Everything Everything, the Manchester art rock and experimental electronica band we adore to no end. Everything Everything released an excellent album recently in the form of A Fever Dream themselves. Now, they lend that feverish brilliance to this glitchy skittering, beat bristling remix of Lifetimes. This is Oh Wonder, as you’ve never heard them before, in the savvy hands of Everything Everything. Get ready to be darkly entranced by the turbulently rumbling tech styled remix. 

September 27, 2017

It was a serendipitous chance encounter the other day that brought my ever searching ears to Elephunk, a producer out of Los Angeles who is a wicked sonic alchemist when it comes to his techno and house thrillers. Desperate Times is his latest original, a guttural banger with bottomless beats and a dark ominous bass line. This is the sort of electronica that takes me back to my younger days, when I used to hit up warehouse raves. As its name suggests, there’s a disconsolate tautness to Desperate Times and its metallic thrumming, acidic whirring soundscape, but the feeling is strangely exhilarating, as if fueled by infernal ecstasy. You can download Desperate Times, here. Continue your mind buzz with another track from Elephunk named Don’t Go Back below, which features soulful vocals and a more meditative tribal vibe.

August 31, 2017

Mystery and intrigue abounds as a new producer from Melbourne captures both our imagination and our nostalgia ridden hearts with his music. Appropriately named Kloake, this cloaked instigator of feels and thrills makes electronic music rooted in the analog days of the 80′s and 90′s. Synthcore, techno, electro house, and modern day electronica are interwoven together dexterously and smoothly. Though Kloake’s latest original, Bridges, featuring Nez Erok, leans hard into future bass territory, you can still detect a copious amount of throwback elements in the sleek oscillating, beautifully exquisite anthem. For more of a retrowave adventure, stream Kloake’s Honour below, which was the producer’s debut release earlier this month. It broods darkly and pulses magnificently, an adrenaline pumping electro-techno extravaganza that evokes Boys Noise, Gesaffelstein, and classic French house (ie. Daft Punk, Justice) all at once. Another can’t miss track from Kloake is his remix a year ago of Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalter’s Together, plump with electro house and acid techno vibes. Whoever Kloake is, we’re big new fans, and we’re hoping he drops more tracks soon.

August 1, 2017

REZZ is on a fast roll lately, dropping behemoth tunes left and right on a near weekly basis. To check out some of the enigmatic producer’s recent bangers, head to her Soundcloud, here. Tonight, we re-visit the latest iteration of her brain jostling, mind melting music in the form of DRUGS!, on which she collaborates with Toronto’s 13. As its name probably suggests, this is an acidic head trip of a psy trance meets dubstep jam. Its visceral warbles and alien soundscape immerses us in a surreal world while placing us in a state both electrified and hypnotized. I can assure you, all the drugs you need are right here in DRUGS!, which, alongside all the other tracks this gifted producer has released lately affords us a riveting preview of her debut album Mass Manipulation, arriving on August 4th. You can pre-order the album, here.

May 22, 2017

I’m thoroughly enraptured by the high voltage treatment this producer has given Cruel Youth’s Alexis Texas. In fact, I’m thoroughly enraptured by everything I’ve hitherto encountered from Darth & Vader after falling in love with that taut gripping remix. The Brazilian producer turns Cruel Youth’s Alexis Texas into a tense jouncing Brazilian bass, dark smoldering deep house, & sharply serrated future house chimeric beast. It’s just the Monday morning spritz of adrenaline pumping, serotonin releasing dance music I need. The original comes off of Cruel Youth’s excellent 2016 EP, +30mg, a bewitching sonic affair if there ever was one, with Teddy Sinclair’s smoky exquisite vocals on full display. For more of Darth & Vader’s electrifying sonic stimulation, check out his remix of Nirvana classic Come As You Are below. And for a dose of gratifying originality, stream Darth & Vader’s collaboration with Vincce & Luo below that. Revel in Kalinda’s visceral fusion of deep house, acid techno, Brazilian house, and future house. 

March 22, 2017

Little needs to be said when something as epic as a Soulwax remix of Jagwar Ma is gifted to us by some divine act of the music gods, but let’s revel in the magnificence of this phenomenal track anyway. The electro rock and acid house legends have given Jagwar Ma’s psychedelic thrumming Slipping a hypnotic trip of an edit for the Australian band’s new Every Now & Zen EP. Prepare for a brain liquefying experience as the remix pulses, jabs, and throbs with just the right amount of shiver inducing stringency and wired tightness. Jagwar Ma’s Every Now & Zen EP is available, here. A limited edition 12″ vinyl can be pre-ordered, here. Stream the remix via Soundcloud below.

February 17, 2017

Earlier this week, Brisbane duo ODD MOB really “mobbed” things up with a wicked new EP named DIFFUSION. The four track release is a scintillating “diffusion” indeed, a brain melting, heart pounding, skin tingling array of genre melding bass house expertise. Opening track Lithium is an acid tinged, drum & bass laced, trance inflected effusion of tangy synths and rolling bass. The psychological state I find myself in is befitting of the track’s name. Lithium is almost numbing in its hypnosis, yet I feel every little jab and prick so palpably as I surrender myself to this sonic drug. You can stream ODD MOB’s stellar DIFFUSION EP in full on Soundcloud or download for free, here.