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April 20, 2018

The fact that legendary electrogaze and industrial electronica crew The Glitch Mob tapped Elohim for their latest track I Could Be Anything is nothing short of an affirmation of the Los Angeles electro-pop artist and producer’s talent. And together, they did wonders on the spectacular song, a conjoining of the classically exalted with the voice of the future. And now, I Could Be Anything has received an official remix treatment from another “voice” of the future, or much venerated and beloved producer REZZ. She’s given I Could Be Anything an acidic warbling dubstep edit. The ravey remix is invigorating and rousing, visceral and electrifying. REZZ takes us on a dark journey into the nebulae of our minds. To add to the intensity of this odyssey, watch the mesmerizing music video for REZZ’s remix below. Download/stream the track, here.

August 1, 2017

REZZ is on a fast roll lately, dropping behemoth tunes left and right on a near weekly basis. To check out some of the enigmatic producer’s recent bangers, head to her Soundcloud, here. Tonight, we re-visit the latest iteration of her brain jostling, mind melting music in the form of DRUGS!, on which she collaborates with Toronto’s 13. As its name probably suggests, this is an acidic head trip of a psy trance meets dubstep jam. Its visceral warbles and alien soundscape immerses us in a surreal world while placing us in a state both electrified and hypnotized. I can assure you, all the drugs you need are right here in DRUGS!, which, alongside all the other tracks this gifted producer has released lately affords us a riveting preview of her debut album Mass Manipulation, arriving on August 4th. You can pre-order the album, here.