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November 22, 2017

Though we can’t help but feel rather crestfallen and despondent that Aash Mehta has moved away from us and the Bay, we find immense solace and endless elation in the electronic producer’s latest single, No Secrets. It’s a beautifully emotive, orchestral lush, and grandly rousing future bass opus with honey smoked vocals from Los Angeles’ Alex Lusader. It’s also a rather personal track for the artists involved in the song, which is more than apparent in No Secrets’ heartfelt and ardent design. Alex Lusader explains: “No Secrets is the story of me telling my loved ones a dark secret I was harboring for 12 years. It was as if I was held captive by this secret, holding it in for as long as I did, keeping it from the people I cared about most. As hard as it is for me to write about it, it is also very freeing all at the same time. Even though it still makes me nervous to talk about it, having the power to speak my mind and gain my control back is the best thing I could ever do to let myself move forward and stop living my days in the past. By singing about my experiences, all I could ever wish for is to inspire others to speak up, free themselves, and live life the way it was intended to be lived: Happy & Free.” 

Aash Mehta, now based out of Chicago, continues his steady ascent in the crowded production scene to stand above his peers and besides fellow melodic bass/future bass luminaries with this stunning new song. No Secrets is both earnestly tender and powerfully moving, a dichotomy that lifts us out of darkness and into the light of hope despite all the personal baggage and unspoken secrets that might be weighing each of us down. Stream/purchase NO Secrets, here.

March 7, 2017

The word “stardust” itself immediately evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity as our minds promptly stray to the intergalactic and the other worldly. Yet, as esteemed scientist Carl Sagan and respected musician Moby have both famously alluded to in the past, we are in fact, made of that same stardust. Our past lies in the cosmos, and when we look up towards the sky and gaze at images of stars projected to us from light years away, we are really peering into our very own souls. 

That same depth of emotion, a similar sense of self discovery, and an identical array of heartrending universal truths are expertly captured in Aash Mehta’s second EP, Stardust. The now Chicago based producer released his powerful six track electronic album last Friday. Stardust features a series of deeply rousing future bass and future pop arias, which all come together as chapters of a whole. Aash Mehta explains that Stardust is a very personal project for him, having written, produced, and mixed it all himself. Hold Onto Me, the second track on the EP, fluctuates between misty pensive and grandly surging. We latch on to Aviella’s warm comforting voice as we rocket through deep space with Aash Mehta. Bursting galaxies and breath catching wormholes unfold before us. As we inch ever closer to a mysterious black hole, as space-time bends upon itself and we near its event horizon, we find that past heartbreak, future regret, and present hope have all melded together into an epic and inescapable saga, one undeniably human despite all the stardust. Stream Aash Mehta’s new EP in full on Soundcloud. Download, here.

November 21, 2016

Black Beatles flip by Aash Mehta is fire. Immediately Aash won me over with the intro, which reminded me of the movie Big Trouble in Little China. This remix is sure to be a crowd pleaser and I actually like it a lot more than the original!

August 19, 2016

As it turns out, The Chainsmokers new hit with Halsey, Closer, is a ripe wonderland for producers and remixers across the board. It’s quickly become one of the most remixed tunes from the red hot electronic duo. Today, we turn to California’s own Aash Mehta as he transforms Closer into a melodic future bass soiree overflowing with ethereal chords and choppy vocals. Aash’s flip is a dose of uplifting, heartwarming bliss. It reminds us of the beauty and wonder that the world holds, despite all the ugliness that we encounter daily. It’s yet another feather in the cap for this steadily rising production talent. 

April 29, 2016

We’ve all been at emotional crossroads where we’ve had to make important, life changing decisions. Aash Mehta has reached one of those junctures. The producer is graduating from college this week, and like a lot of people, he’s faced with the choice between choosing the “safe route” or following his dreams. He saturates new original Breathe Into Reality, which features sweeping vocals by Lydia Kelly, with an abundance of these turbulently powerful emotions. The atmospheric song’s grand future bass and ambient electronic carry a weightiness within their profound introspection. Breathe Into Reality is an epic reminder to follow our hearts and chase our dreams. Congratulations on graduating, Aash.  It literally sounds like you’re on the right path. You’re wearing your heart, not on your sleeve, but in your music, and it shines brilliantly and full of life on Breathe Into Reality. Aash Mehta’s new track is a free download, here.

December 10, 2015

Feenixpawl’s hit banger Ghosts, featuring enchanting vocals by Melissa Ramsay, is a high energy romper, a colossal fest rager. Aash Mehta takes the song’s infectious melody and bewitching vocals and creates a true progressive house stunner, bringing out the original’s inherent beauty and drawing it out ever sharper with his atmospheric, breathtaking edit, even adding delicately twinkling keys into the mix. This is one of those remixes that makes the world around us seem just as gorgeous as the song itself as we let the producer carry us away with his uplifting and theatrical interpretation. Vote for Aash Mehta’s remix in a contest on wavo, here.

June 9, 2015

20 year old producer Aash Mehta just proved he’s a rising act in the scene with his new original, a taste from his forthcoming debut EP, Dreams Money Can’t Buy. Falling Free, which features enchanting vocals by Veela, is an effervescent, dazzling work of sublime ambient trap beauty. Listening to the song is like stepping through a doorway to a magical world, and experiencing a cinematic, emotional journey. I can’t help but reminisce over similar emotions and feelings I underwent when listening to Odesza in the past. The floaty song does indeed give off a feeling of free fall, not in a menacing, worrisome way, but in a pillowy, mellow state of bliss.