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February 9, 2017

Snow Culture could very well be a favorite new band of the week, if not of the month, too. The duo arrive out of Sweden to lead us into a dark bewitching world crafted out of icy synths, jouncing beats, and scorching guitar on debut single No Sleep. There’s a cinematic quality to this sultry burning electronic pop song. We visit the belly of a sordid club on a sleepless night as strobes flash about and faceless people writhe around us on a begrimed dance floor. Our perspective seems skewed through the lens of a VHS camcorder. No Sleep is deliciously menacing and carnally seductive, a fierce and primal mix of Scandipop with 80′s noire electronica. Snow Culture just signed to one of our favorite labels, Neon Gold, and they have a riveting music video to go along with their debut, too. Watch the visual accompaniment below.