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November 15, 2017

AWOLNATION’s Run is a wicked tune, a bass bristling, string taut, ominous and intense alt extravaganza from the incomparable band with an unrivaled ability to bring us the imaginative and unique. As such, the remix potential seems limitless, and a handful of producers have already given their face melting takes on the song. Australian veteran What So Not partners up with fast rising New Zealand production star QUIX (who seems to be showing up a whole lot lately) to give us their dark cinematic, acerbic jarring remix of Run, rife with filthy bass and trappy jolts. It’s a spine-tingler of a battle ready, wildly ferocious edit. And it’s a free download, here.

October 14, 2017

Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist STRØM truly “mesmerized” us with his first single half a year ago. Mesmerize went on to lock in a number one on Hype Machine after impressing tastemakers all around. The single even went on to soundtrack a BMW commercial. He’s back to show us the song was no one-off anomaly with his long awaited second single, Shay-Ling, a bass warbling, guitar curling slice of dark moody, sultry broiling electropop and funk. With an ominous and suspenseful atmosphere, Shay-Ling entices our ears and threads its way into our hearts. STRØM‘s buttery falsettos seduce with a feathery light touch, but the imprint they leave behind marks us as fans for life. There’s no escaping the draw of this slick futuristic pop piece when you combine that with  Shay-Ling’s vivacious 808 kicks and its Jai Paul like opulent groove. Re-visit Mesmerize on Soundcloud, here.

August 10, 2017

Some very fortuitous trawling on the internet earlier in the day brought me to an enigmatic new artist named Max Mute, whose Soundcloud history only goes back about four months. I was immediately struck by the earthy, bluesy allure of this mysterious newcomer’s latest single, Waiting, a creative combination of glitchy breaking future bass, and incendiary chopping trap. It’s also a pop crossover ready hit in the making with a weathered, heartfelt charm, plus it’s instantaneously hooking. You can check out more of this intriguing talent’s music on Soundcloud, here, where he has a few other originals uploaded. Stream or download Waiting, which is out on Hegemon, here.

June 23, 2017

I don’t think we’ve ever featured anyone from Tibet before, but there’s always a first, right? Taking that honor is this sibling production act, Indiginis. I imagine Tibet’s a pretty cold place all year long, but these brothers sure know how to heat things up with their slick snazzy future bass. Their remix of The M Machine’s We Had It All utilizes warm fuzzy synths, jazzy keys, and smooth hip hop beats to break the first law of thermodynamics. Who says the energy that is heat can’t be created? Physicists, who? For more of Indiginis’ key tinkling, wavy chopping brilliance, stream recent future trap original A Love Lost featuring HANNAH below. 

April 21, 2017

It took all my strength this week not to break protocol and share features out of sequence when this jaw dropping track arrived earlier this week. Gramatik and Ramzoid’s interpretation of Flume instrumental Wall Fuck is that incredible. Though it may have gotten the least spotlight out of all the amazing songs on Flume’s sophomore album, I actually consider it one of the best tracks off Skin. NYC’ Gramatik and Canada’s Ramzoid have accomplished no easy feat in creating their ethereal and other worldly take on the gritty jolting, visceral jabbing, and dynamic shuffling tune. The trap on these producers’ Wall Fuck feels a little bit more introspective, a tad more reticent, yet still labyrinthian thrilling.

March 14, 2017

Solo artist Haux has proven himself an exquisite sonic magician with his dream folk and ambient alt electronica. One of my all time favorite Haux tracks has to be Caves, a song which has already received some splendorous remixing treatments since the original surfaced over a year ago. The latest such treat comes by way of Miami duo SMLE, who takes advantage of the original’s spacious grandeur and melancholic twinge to create a breathtaking tapestry of sound and vibes. The ethereally quivering chill trap and dizzy skittering drumwork found on SMLE’s remix are compressed and dense, but we’re given more than enough time to breath between dramatic build ups and spiraling drops, too. Any remix of Haux can be expected to be beautiful, but SMLE goes above and beyond on this alternately soothing and frenetic remix. The track is part of an official remix package for Caves, out now on Ultra Records. Haux will be touring stateside this April with a stop in San Francisco at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. You can also stream SMLE’s remix of Caves off of Soundcloud below.

March 14, 2017

Aside from a wicked remix package, KREAM’s radiant future pop anthem Taped Up Heart, featuring Swedish chanteuse Clara Mae, has also been the subject of a celestial edit by San Diego based music producer and graphic artist SIIN. The future trap interpretation he enthralls us with is cool glittery, twilight pensive, and chiffon wavy. In other words, this remix is nothing short of divinely intoxicating and beautifully entangling. SIIN’s remix of Taped Up Heart is a free download, here.

January 5, 2017

It’s not too often that I share fully instrumental electronic tracks on IHM, but there was only one possible narrative to be drawn after listening to OMA’s Sunrise… the one where I promptly drop the track on for a requisite share. The Los Angeles newcomers present us with a dramatic narrative of their own on Sunrise, a trap extravaganza fit for dawn or dusk. Its fluid flowing drum work and caramel shimmers paint a spectacular aurora in the eye of my mind. Every time I miss the sun these next few weeks of full on rain here in San Francisco, I know who to return to for some respite. Sunrise is a free download, here.

December 15, 2016

Controversy and drama aside, it’s undeniable that California’s Hippie Sabotage is well versed in the electronic arts. After all, these are the fellows who gave us Habits, that tantalizing Tove Lo flip which I’ll love till the day I die. The duo make their return to IHM with a fresh new re-work, turning their attention to pop purveyor JØUR’s cottony floating pop gem, American Nightmare. They sample the track and forge Lights Out from its components, serving up an electrifying future beats cut full of restless, fidgeting energy. Stuttering drums and rolling snares jab at us mercilessly, delivering a sensory explosion of ambient sonic magnificence. Listen to the original, here. The difference is night and day.

September 24, 2016

As if BANKS’ electro R&B and pop isn’t dark enough in itself, Austria’s salut has given her song Gemini Feed a royally crepuscular remix. This gloomy jouncing, jagged jabbing edit is fully transfixing, a sinister drawling intensive affair. There’s nothing passive aggressive here, it’s all finely woven, dauntless aggression, and inebriating solution that permeates the world around me with its snarling fervor and carnal energy.