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April 26, 2018

NYC alt electro purveyors 8 Graves has been dazzling us with their creative forte and scintillating, genre-defying music for a couple of years now, but they’ve certainly taken their sound to a whole new level of anthemic sweeping grandeur on new single SOS. 8 Graves fittingly tags the track “future grunge”, having fused stratospheric future bass with gritty pop and explosive rock on the high vaulting epic. SOS arrives on the heels of their last single, Hang, which took off with over a million streams on Spotify and placement on some of their biggest curated playlists. SOS can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

June 23, 2017

It’s interesting how certain timeless indie songs suddenly make comebacks into the mainstream years after their initial success. Empire Of The Sun’s Walking On A Dream made a massive return last year thanks to a Honda Civic advert, and this year, Bag Raider’s Shooting Stars is suddenly everyone’s favorite tune. I’m not one to complain, Shooting Stars still has such a firm grasp on my heart, seven years after the Australian electronic band released the single. This comeback has apparently inspired Atlanta’s Halogen to create a fresh cover of the tune, and their rendition of the song is absolutely incredible. NYC’s 8 Graves turns in vocals on this cosmic house cover. You can download their version of Shooting Stars via Toneden, here.

October 17, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.12.2016

Featured music – October 12th, 2016

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October 13, 2016

New York City’s 8 Graves lays my own heart to waste with with their powerful new single, Wasted, which I must confess is my new favorite despite my love of their prior tunes, like Two Wrongs or their guest appearance on Modern Machine’s Breathe. Wasted is 8 Graves most emotionally sweeping masterpiece to date, fusing vibrant shimmering future bass with heartbreaking alt soul. The love lorn aria captures the overwhelming torment of epic, timeless love, and it harbors a scorching guitar solo, too. This molten burning ballad isn’t a song you can listen to just once once it’s taken a hold of you. You’ll want to subject yourselves to its intense grandeur over and over again. Wasted can also be streamed on Spotify.

September 12, 2016

It may be Sunday night right now, but I suddenly have the urge to dance like it’s Friday night, thanks to this new remix of Modern Machines’ gorgeously sweeping anthem Breathe, featuring 8 Graves, by British producer Louis La Roche. Bust out your dancing shoes and your sleekest dance moves as an impromptu electro disco party breaks out to the luscious beats and sexy house of this opulent edit. Louis La Roche twirls us about glamorously with his vivaciously pulsating remix, wooing us to no end like a fusion of Moullinex with Grum. The remix can be purchased now from iTunes.

August 15, 2016

The last we heard from New York’s 8 Graves, the band turned in some magnificent vocals on Modern Machine’s exultant electronic anthem Breathe. The duo has since returned with a fresh original named See You Again, and it’s a potent eruption of rousing alt soul and vivacious electronica as unforgettable and moving as can be. This opulent anthem is ravishing, its rippling electronic production brimming with sharply polished energy. Vibrant keys and 8 Graves’ slick crooning add to the song’s dynamic magnetism. See You Again can also be streamed off Spotify.

June 20, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.16.2016 – 06.17.2016

Featured music – June 16-17, 2016

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June 17, 2016

Friday morning can’t be more beautiful and full of hope than right now, while Modern Machines sweeps us into the stratosphere with the NYC based producer’s uplifting new track, Breathe, which features fellow New Yorkers 8 Graves on guest vocals. Breathe is a high flying electronic anthem that fuses synthpop and dance music. It’s as triumphantly exultant as they come, if not the most exhilarating tune to come about in some time. Breathe is also available on Spotify.

November 24, 2015


Yes, indeed, I’ve already jumped on to IHM to share the Soundcloud stream for this tune, as well as its official music video less than a week ago. You see, 8 Graves’ Two Wrongs is just such a swooning gem. I love it so dearly that I find myself here again, zealously premiering a lyric video for Two Wrongs. The slick single ripples with poignantly passionate emotion while its turbulent beauty stirs ever deeply, guided by creamy sleek vocals and a glistening piano melody. Two Wrongs, which is off the NYC based band’s recently released, highly regarded debut EP, War Out There, is an alt pop and R&B song with sultry hues like those of The Neighbourhood and a soulful smoothness reminiscent of Jack Garratt. Two Wrong’s hypnotic trip hop cadence syncs with the bittersweet beats of my melting heart. 8 Graves’ War Out There EP is available now everywhere, including on iTunes and Spotify. Stream the single via Soundcloud below.

November 18, 2015

Two Wrongs is a mesmerizing, moving song, and this is your chance to let it touch your heart if you missed it previously. 8 Graves released a new video for the swelling alt soul and R&B anthem, a sensationally powerful song that blooms and bursts with illuminating sentiment. The compelling song comes from 8 Graves’ acclaimed debut EP, War Out There.