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May 2, 2018

It’s not often that a remix of Bon Iver crops up, though we have shared a small handful of them over the years. Justin Vernon’s music can’t be easy to re-imagine, but if anyone can do it flawlessly, it’s Barclay Crenshaw, whom most people would more easily recognize under the name Claude VonStroke, the esteemed founder of Dirtybird Records who was voted #1 DJ in the world not too long ago. The producer has given Bon Iver’s  “715 – CRΣΣKS”, one of my favorites from their last album “22, A Million”, a truly transcendental re-work. Soft high hat rolls graze the surface of the beautifully drifting electronic edit, creating an austerely mesmeric effect next to Justin Vernon’s vocoder treated vocals. Barclay Crenshaw’s remix is a mellow and ambient masterpiece, both soothingly hypnotic and pensively haunting. This brilliant “Barclay Crenshaw White Label Renegade Cut” is available via Bandcamp, here.

January 24, 2017

This next transcendental one comes by way of our music loving tastemaker buddies over at who’ve certainly found a treasured jewel in the form of this stunning Bon Iver remix. 90Five is a 21 year old producer from Birmingham, UK, and he’s done what many consider impossible. He’s remixed one of the tracks from Bon Iver’s latest album 22, A Million and he’s done a phenomenal job, too. 715 CR∑∑KS, which happens to be one of my favorites from the album alongside “33 God”, gets an uptempo burst of warm energy on 90Five’s edit. It bounces with a balmy buoyant step. The sanguine vibrancy that bubbles through to the surface is something we don’t often associate with Justin Vernon and his music, unless of course he happens to be dallying around a set with Francis And The Lights and Kanye West. In fact, 

715 CR∑∑KS is an inherently melancholic tune, and it’s been turned on its head by 90Five through his well crafted remix. Now, we can dance with a smile to vocoder treated Justin Vernon. Perhaps it balances out with all that solitary soul searching by candlelight to 22, A Million in its original meditative form. Download 90Five’s house edit, here.