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August 23, 2017

Warped, droning synths and other worldly ripples welcome us into what feels like an augmented reality, or a dream within a dream, on this astounding remix of VALENTINE and 4AM’s recent single Us, featuring Naji. The original’s sanguine spirit and glitchy vivacious, frothy warbling elements get a cosmic future bass makeover by Yitaku and Xavi. We’re rocketed across both space and time by this Porter Robinson and K?D reminiscent treatment, a breathtaking sojourn whose iridescent flickers and celestial tremolos leaves us vibrating in an alternate plane of existence, where castles fly high in the sky and nothing is impossible. We never want to leave this reverie. It fills us with youthful wonder and endless hope. You can download this gorgeous remix for free, here.

June 15, 2017

I’m rarely up at 4am these days, but I’d imagine if I were, I’d probably be caught in a sleepless spell of solitary introspection. Sorcha Richardson’s new gem would be the perfect accompaniment. The Brooklyn by way of Dublin singer songwriter captures late night rumination on beautifully burbling alt pop dazzler 4AM, which she describes as being about not blaming yourself anymore when things go wrong and accepting final outcomes. Ladies, this is an empowering piece about not selling yourself short. 4AM’s entrancing loops and minimalist beats are reminiscent of Sylvan Esso and DYAN, but interchanged with a gentle touch imbued with earnest elegance and lithesome grace. I know I’d be content alone at 4AM, by myself, lost in Sorcha Richardson’s music. Purchase Sorcha Richardson’s new single from iTunes, here. Re-visit her prior offerings, here.

April 13, 2017

Moving Castle has been at the forefront of electronic innovation in recent years, even creating a fan out of producer and international superstar Skrillex. Aside from the recently rousing post-EDM that the collective has been presenting to us from exciting emerging talent SAKIMA, Moving Castle also has this glitchy vivacious, sprightly recoiling suffusion of light airy fun to keep us elatedly enthralled. New York’s 4AM links up with Kansas City’s VALENTINE on glitchy buoyant Us, which features Naji on guest vocals. Sanguine spirited Us is a fanciful dazzler brimming with feel good vibes and cosmic wonder. The sweetly sparkling, melodic lilting single is available, here.

May 25, 2016

South London’s HUNTAR slays on his brand new tune, 4am. The R&B pop anthem is fluid smooth yet intensely charged, a resplendently rousing heartbreak anthem for those tormented early mornings when you’re pining after the one that got away. Though we’ve been with HUNTAR for over a year now, 4am might be the producer’s best song yet. Its restless soundscape and HUNTAR’s anguished sweet cooing pierce deeply and melt thoroughly. 4am is available from various outlets, here.

May 4, 2016

Though it’s very rare nowadays for me to be up at 4am in the morning (unlike my younger years when I didn’t need as much sleep), I still recall that there’s a magic to that hour, particularly if you’re in a solitary, ruminative mood. The rest of the world is quietly asleep, and your heart’s murmurs of desire and torment seem to crescendo and take over every cell of your body. London boy girl duo 4am captures that witching hour head space dwelling to perfection on seductively foggy, lustfully longing Yearning & Calling. The shadowy intimate cocktail of downtempo electronica, sultry R&B, and creamy pop is a nebulous ode to those burning hungers and aching wants we oft keep hidden when under the blinding light of the sun. Yearning & Calling is the duo’s second song, following on the heels of breathtaking drifter More. Stream More below, and let it carry you away into a wistful dreamy mist.

March 24, 2015

So it’s getting late right now, close to midnight, in San Francisco, and for some reason, I always find the radiance and ambiance of future bass to be the perfect soundtrack for late night hours. It’s been a long Monday. Energized shimmers, killer trap beats, and vibrant synths really light up the night. Los Angeles based producer JayKode brings all that and more on his latest remix, a wicked take on Adam K and Soha’s remix of Kaskade’s 4AM. This one’s perfect for some fest action. Download free, here.