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September 19, 2017

We’ve been riding on cloud nine lately thanks to new music from Nashville singer songwriter Mackenzie Scott’s acclaimed project TORRES. Songs like Skim and Three Futures pushed the boundaries of art rock and alternative with their angular guitars and their edgy demeanor. We can’t wait for her new album Three Futures to drop on September 29th. Today, TORRES shared a new cut off the album, giving us a dark and vehement, raw clamoring experience that fills us with a sense of urgency and dread. Helen In The Woods is a thrilling listen and a yelpy gripping dip into vociferous experimentalism. Its music video is just as jarring and visceral, leaving our pulses racing in wild excitement for that new album. Pre-order Three Futures from 4AD, here.

August 29, 2017

In case you missed my over excited outburst last night on Twitter, here’s The National’s latest song and video, Day I Die. The visual, directed by Casey Reas, was compiled out of thousands of compressed images, creating a riveting “fast-forward” like effect. The National’s new album Sleep Well Beast is arriving soon on September 8th via 4AD. As you probably know from our prior shares of album tracks Guilty Party, Carin at the Liquor Store, and The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, I’m super excited for the release. I’m also very sad that I have to miss the band’s tour stop in Berkeley this October. Pre-order Sleep Well Beast, which continues to shape up to be an immense album and a worthy follow up to 2013′s Trouble Will Find Me, here.

June 29, 2017

Heads up, guys. The National literally just shared another new tune from their forthcoming seventh studio album, and I happened to glance at my phone and catch the announcement. I dove into Guilty Party right away, being the huge fan that I am of the beloved Ohio mainstay, lead by baritone voiced Matt Berninger. Guilty Party is a gut-wrencher, but a beautiful one, at that. It even comes with a magnificent visualizer, too. My first experience with Guilty Party was on my big screen TV, thanks to Google Chromecast. It was getting dark, as the sun had already set, but I hadn’t switched on any of my lamps yet. I was transfixed to the images in the video and its chromatic pigments, wondering who the people were in the clip and what their stories might be, all the while drifting pensively away to the exquisitely sorrowful new ballad. That one moment when the camera pans over a blue landscape from high above to the accompaniment of an instrumental bridge is just breathtaking. Guilty Party is the second song we’ve heard so far from Sleep Well Beast, which arrives on September 8th via 4AD. I’ve been re-visiting the much headier first song, The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, on a near daily basis. Re-visit it, here. Pre-order Sleep Well Beast, here. 2013′s Trouble Will Find Me was one of my absolute favorites that year, and I’m really excited for the new full length.

Additional information: To celebrate the forthcoming album the band will be throwing a Guilty Party at Basilica Hudson on July 14th and 15th. The collaborative concert will be performed in the round and will feature Buke & Gase, Nadia Sirota, Mouse on Mars, Sō Percussion and more. The band has released 700 tickets for each night and they’re now available for purchase here with a portion of ticket sales benefiting Basilica Hudson. Each guest attending the show will receive a “Guilty Party” 7 inch double “A” split with “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness.” Beer will be provided by Mikkeller.

Video artist Casey Reas will be contributing live projection mapping for the event. Reas also directed the music video for the single, “Guilty Party.” “The video is a dream about memory and the degradation of memory; it’s about distance in time and space,” says Reas. “Time moves forward, but then backward as memory. The image of the two-faced Roman god Janus, who can look into the past and future, is the core visual language.”

June 7, 2017

I was utterly thrilled when I found out that Mackenzie Scott, the Nashville singer songwriter behind TORRES, will be bringing her music to Popscene in San Francisco on July 21st. Her 2015 album Sprinter was a favorite of that year, and I’d been immensely obsessed with its raw evocative rock. I even went out to catch her at Bottom Of The Hill when she toured for it later that year. A new tour usually means new music, and sure enough, TORRES, who recently signed with venerated label 4AD, has unleashed a new song and video today. The video for Skim is a provocative watch, and the song itself is more of this artist’s brilliance. She wades into St. Vincent-like waters with Skim’s art rock and gnarled guitar, but the song is still so distinctly Torres. I have a feeling I’m in for a renewed love affair with her music considering there must be more new Torres music on the way if she’s going to be touring all fall. You can purchase Skim from 4AD, here.

May 26, 2017

We’ve been massive fans of British musician Pixx and her eccentric brand of music ever since we first encountered her quirky haunting debut single A Way To Say Goodbye more than two years ago. It should come as no surprise that we’ve already pre-ordered Pixx’s debut album The Age Of Anxiety, which will be arriving on June 2nd via 4AD. As we eagerly await its release, let’s dive into the plinky erratic, whimsical swiveling splendor of new single Waterslides. This playful and capricious gem is like a three-way juncture involving Bat For Lashes, St. Vincent, and Grimes. Waterslides’ video is thoroughly enrapturing, too. You can pre-order Pixx’s debut album via all major outlets, here.

May 11, 2017

Earlier today, The National announced their next album. Just now, they revealed the first single from Sleep Well Beast. I’ve been hungering for new The National since 2013′s Trouble Will Find Me, one of my top albums of that year, so this is all sensational news to me. Listen to The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness above. The band’s 7th studio album will be out on September 8th in CD, digital, and double LP formats via 4AD. To add even more icing to the sweet cake we’ve suddenly been given today, The National has even announced a new world tour kicking off in Ireland on September 16th. It looks like they’ll be hitting the Greek in Berkeley on October 14th! For more tour details and information regarding album pre-orders, head to 4AD, here.

February 17, 2017

Fabulous news arrived yesterday from Pixx, the imaginative British artist who cast an all encompassing spell on us early on with eerily scintillating debut, A Way To Say Goodbye. Hannah Rodgers, the talent behind the project, has announced a debut album on 4AD named The Age Of Anxiety. She’s also unveiled a brand new single named I Bow Down. The synth whirring art pop meets electro punk number is irradiantly entrancing. I Bow Down’s shifty resplendence and bold grandiosity evokes both School Of Seven Bells and Bat For Lashes. Its video is also quite the stunning affair in all its esoteric aplomb. Debut album The Age Of Anxiety will arrive on June 2nd. Pre-order from 4AD or various other outlets, here.

February 1, 2017

True story, I was driving to work today blasting Sundara Karma’s debut album quite gleefully when my mind strayed to one of my all time favorite bands (since long before their prior album), Future Islands. I started musing over how wonderful it might be if Future Islands announced a new album and dropped a new tune. After all, it’s been well over two years since the brilliance of last album Singles, and though it’s been fabulous taking in all the side collaborations Samuel Herring has been involved in (including a whole lot of hip hop), I miss these Baltimore fellows and their synthwavey music. And of course, there’s Sam’s raspy bellowing voice and his impassioned dance moves. I can never have enough of either of those in my life. Well, bizarrely enough, fast forward to tonight and guess who just announced a new album and revealed a new single? The Far Field arrives April 7th via 4AD. Its lead single, Ran, is an unbridled whirler. It hits the ground running, spinning us round and round. My love for all that is Future Islands is yet again renewed, fervent lyrics and all. You can pre-order the new album digitally, on 180 gram white and standard black vinyl, as a unique miniature LP, or on CD and cassette tape, here. Now, excuse me as I listen to Ran again and try to put forth my best Samuel Herring dance moves, chest pounding and hip gyration included.

November 8, 2016

Well, SOHN crazed fans (like myself), it’s official. The Austrian singer songwriter and producer has officially announced his sophomore album, something I’ve been waiting for since 2014′s spectacular debut LP. Rennen is scheduled to arrive on January 13th via 4AD. Along with the celebration worthy news comes afresh new song, too. Conrad is likely the least dark and intense song we’ve received so far from SOHN, though it’s still a wired riveting listen. SOHN wades into smooth, soulful territory on the track, but Conrad is more than replete with the usual dramatic swells and scintillating surges that we adore so much about his music. SOHN’s Rennen will be one of the first album I’ll be impatiently looking forward to in the new year. Pre-order digitally or physically from major outlets, here, as I’m going to promptly do. 

September 1, 2016

It’s been two years since Tremors, an album that I consider one of the best of 2014. I was lucky enough to witness SOHN’s masterful presentation of its songs a handful of times at intimate venues, and each time was as spellbinding and compelling as the last. These immersive experiences involving on point execution of lighting and atmosphere are what some might consider life changing. If there’s any one artist I was holding my breath for in hopes of new music, it would be this Austrian producer and his dark moody, textured bewitching ambient electronica and alt R&B. SOHN broke silence with Signal earlier today, and I happened to notice the announcement right away. I promptly dropped all that I was doing and dove straight into the song, confident I would not be disappointed. Signal is as heavy and somber as I remember SOHN to be. Haunting minimalist soundscape, abstract warbling synths, and gospel accented vocals entwine into an undulating wave of ebbing and flowing aural magnificence. We ride that wave, ensnared by a riptide of slow burning, deep brooding emotion. Signal is well worth the wait, and it “signals” the coming of a sophomore album later this year on 4AD. You can also stream the song on Soundcloud below.