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May 1, 2018

Nowadays, I’m rarely up at 3am, unlike my younger days when I never wanted to waste any time sleeping in the early hours of the morning. But budding LA-based indie pop artist BARKLEY, whom you might recall we featured a number of times a few years ago, invites us into a world much magical and sprightly on 3am, her official debut out now via Taste & Tone (Atlantic Records). Melodious vocals and contemplative lyrics remind us of restless nights agonizing over our crushes while waiting for THAT call, except this torment is far from excruciating, thanks to BARKLEY’s incandescent voice and 3am’s balmy, uptempo radiance. The song is such a contagious, endearing gem that it’s already made its radio debut last week on LA radio station KCRW.  BARKLEY explains: “3AM is about a relationship that lives in that magical/terrible gray area that’s so common in your twenties. One second you think it’s just physical, the next you’re sharing your deepest insecurities. It’s about being with someone you know you’ll never fully have, but you’re always going to answer their call every Friday night.”

September 1, 2016

The kaleidoscopic glamour of Bad Wave’s 3AM is far too rhapsodic not to jump straight back into now that the Los Angeles based duo have released a visual accompaniment for the spacey dazzling song. The rich pumping ELO meets MGMT gem sashays and whirls with plenteous quirky charm, reminding us of those late nights out when our feet start to hurt from dancing all night and everything starts to look a bit bleary through our tired eyes. As the disco ball stops spinning and the dust settles, we’re ready to go home. But then someone jumps back on the DJ deck and we toss back some liquid energy… before we know it, we’re back at it again, twirling away eagerly on the sticky floor, eye liner smudged, hair tousled, lipstick smeared, reality on hold. 

July 31, 2016

Bad Wave is back with some ravishing sleek sonic waves. The Los Angeles based project, formed by two best friends from surf rock outfit Nicky Blitz, go summer psychedelic and disco electro on us with 3 AM. I don’t recall the last time 3 AM felt as glorious as this afternoon does whilst listening to this florid dance punk soiree, a dizzying whorl of quirky textured complexity. “There’s no stopping when the dance begins” sings the band. I agree, fully inebriated on Bad Wave’s spacey restless dazzler.

January 19, 2016

By now, we know for a fact that when new HONNE arises, it’s time to be wooed and swooned endlessly yet again by the UK electro R&B duo. Get ready for some major late night vibes and velveteen seduction on 3am, one of HONNE’s groovier jams. Steamy heat and sensuous allure makes this one a romantic, amorous suitor off HONNE’s forthcoming Gone Are The Days (Shimokita Import) EP. 

September 26, 2015

Seriously, is RAC just constantly creating new music, never taking a break? He adds to his constant stream of productions, remixes, and songs with a polished, bright gem named 3AM, which features vocals by Katie Herzig once again. Katie’s crystalline vocals are achingly sensational on 3AM, which tenderly simmers and enchantingly sparkles in a surprisingly poignant manner for RAC. As someone who, despite all the frenetic dance songs I love, still falls hardest for the sweetly stirring, heart string tugging ballads, this is easily a favorite RAC song out of the sea of incredible music he’s given us over the years. 3AM is part of RAC’s monthly singles series, but honestly, I have a hard time keeping track of what schedule he’s set on for different sorts of releases. All that matters is he continues to give us stunning, moving music, like 3AM. 3AM is out now via Battlestation Records. Excuse me as I go sigh in the corner now…