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March 13, 2018

Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes is a classic in my book. Though I haven’t listened to it in awhile, the moment that progressive melody hit my ears raised all the serotonin levels in my brain to the max. And now, Basenji, another much revered production legend, has released his bootleg of Chimes. You should be no stranger to the remix if you’ve caught Basenji live. But to be able to dive into its breaking Jersey Club/garage styled intricacies whenever we want is a generous gift from the music gods. It’s almost as if Jamie xx and HudMo came together on a track. In other words, this is brilliantly divine. Basenji’s bootleg marks the beginning of a whole month of fresh releases from the producer. You can catch the Sydney artist back home in Australia this spring when he embarks on tour. Dates can be found, here.

March 8, 2018

Both Marble Empire and Katya DJ are fresh on our radar, but they sure make sweet sound together on Head Above The Water. Marble Empire is a British producer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in 2-step and jazzy bass lines. He melds his electro-soulful sonic skills with Katya DJ’s fierce and smoldering voice on the swanky sublime jam, which also features some blazing Tom Misch-like guitar riffs. You’ll be hard pressed not to nod along and tap your feet to this rhythmic smoldering dazzler. No lie, I’m grooving out in my chair right now as I type this. Stream/download Head Above The Water, here.

May 25, 2016

Marquis Compressor is indeed a marquis of sonic brilliance. Just listen to the Londoner’s opulent new song, 21 Thieves, with which he steals me away deftly with wavey electronica and syrupy crooning. This is a much viscous sonic solution, its soulful R&B and rich garage inflected dynamics thoroughly intoxicating. His tactile use of space and sound actually remind me of one of my favorite artists, Caribou, but planted firmly in a sensual seductive wonderworld of grooving delight. 21 Things warbles and wobbles, an umbral dreamscape for the heart. 21 Thieves is available now from Bandcamp.

January 24, 2016

British duo Maribou State put out one of the most mesmerizing and spectacular electronic albums last year in the form of Portraits, and I even had the pleasure of catching them live when I visited Paris last October. On the album, they also illustrated how much of a match made in heaven it is when they join forces with fellow UK artist Pedestrian. Though it’s been some time since we’ve heard new material from either brilliant act, they unite once again for a hypnotic new treat to start the year, a Pedestrian song named JNT featuring Maribou State that premiered on much venerated Boiler Room. JNT begins with the sort of lush majesty and crisp kicks that instantly pulls in deep. There’s no coming up for air as it only gets subsequently more gloriously engulfing. JNT is an intricately crafted, masterful 2-step and ambient electronic concerto full of warm strings and haunting accents. I nearly never have insomnia issues, but I almost wish I did, so I could listen to this one on repeat when it happens. The jaw dropping track comes from Pedestrian’s forthcoming EP, Circadian Rhythms, his debut release on new label Dama Dama, co-owned with Maribou State. And as if this wasn’t fantastic enough, Maribou State themselves dropped a collection of three previously unreleased tracks from their Portraits sessions, too. Stream Portraits Outtakes below, or purchase on iTunes.

August 14, 2015

Interestingly enough, King Chain is one of two terrific new producers I discovered today who came from Taiwan and now resides in the US. That’s a pretty cool coincidence, since some of my own family hails from that beautiful Pacific island. Now residing in Los Angeles, King Chain emerges from the shadows to win my heart and blow my mind with a fabulous debut single named Losing Soul, a track off a forthcoming EP due out later this summer. On the slamming tune, King Chain brings in future bass, breakbeats, trap, and hip hop in a splendorous, dizzying explosion of textured sound, even drawing on his Asian background for the exotic track. It’s like an entrancing, exhilarating chimera made up of Rustie, RL Grime, and Jai Wolf. Download Losihng Soul for free, here as we wait for King Chain’s debut EP. 

May 9, 2015

Belgian electronic trio Vuurwerk radiates soulful, mournful emotion on new song G.R.I.P., which also features Belgian singer Climb X on slick vocal duties. The woeful song carries a hypnotizing 2-step and garage beat. G.R.I.P. is a highly textured and introspective electronic song about death and coming to terms with grief. It will be released on May 18th on blue 10″ vinyl, along with instrumental accompaniment Black Arial.  

May 8, 2015

Back to Australia we go to jam to a producer named Loudun, whose recent single Gold shimmers as brilliantly as the precious metal it pays ode to. The track also features sensual vocals by Australian newcomer Tashka. The hypnotizing 2-step and future garage song is interlaced with sexy R&B vibes and spacious, barbed atmosphere. 

May 5, 2015

Sean Glass made his debut a month ago with a sensational disco house remix of Robert Delong hit Long Way Down, an edit that tore it up on the hypem charts and had us salivating for more from the founder of of Win Music. Today, Sean drops a new one to satiate our hunger, and its a sexy jam. This time, Sean Glass brings in some bouncy, jagged two step and future garage vibes on his remix of London R&B trio M.O’s Preach. It’s a thrilling dance makeover with an infinite amount of infectious energy. 

March 31, 2015

It’s getting kind of late here in San Francisco, and even later elsewhere, I know, but let’s get charged up on this new Lido & Canblaster! If you haven’t heard, the Norwegian producer and French producer, both on Belgian label Pelican Fly, are collaborating on a new EP, Superspeed, out April 6. The title track is a unique and fresh fusion of future bass, hip hop, garage, and French electro, with a bit of a Jersey bounce, too. Slick and buoyant, Superspeed is super swank.

October 3, 2014

It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from South London producer GRADES, but the wait was well worth it. His new single Crocodile Tears is a luscious 2-step treat, pulsing with satisfying bass and heavenly smoothness. It’s an airy and breezy UK garage track with distorted vocals that remind me of both BANKS and AlunaGeorge.