lovelytheband made a resounding debut last year with Broken, a song I’d likely never tire of due to its vibrant synths and infectious melody. Every time I hear it, I fall in love all over again with the LA trio’s tribute to “the broken ones”. It also reminds me of a very magical moment at SXSW this year. It was past midnight, I was exhausted, and I really needed to use the restroom. Friends were buying food at food trucks, so I rain into the Main II to use their bathroom. As I stepped back out, who else might be on stage but lovelytheband, and what song might they be performing but Broken! I was so elated, I stopped by the stage to take in the song even though I was supposed to rush back out to the street. That was fate. It had to be. lovelytheband recently returned with a brand new song to obsess over named ‘these are my friends’. It’s just as infectious a new alt pop and indie rock track on which we can all wax affectionate over our friends together. ‘these are my friends’ is already well on its way to being one of this summer’s chart-climbing anthems. You can also stream the song on Spotify, here.

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