Just the title Time, Real & Imaginary sends me spiraling into an episode of deep reflection and profound meditation. Listening to Time, Real & Imaginary, however, is even more intensive of an enlightening ordeal. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that this introspective future bass opus comes from a 16 year old producer named Jaron. Imagine k?d’s already expansive and scopic electro house/future bass but multiply those aspects ten-fold and tone down the high-voltage jolts. Jaron’s exquisite orchestral trap composition brings us halcyon moments as well as near spiritual moments of heightened awareness and comprehension. Time, Real & Imaginary is crafted out of deep wisdom despite the producer’s young age. It’s incredibly evocative and beautiful, and a sweet moment of respite from the noise all around us. Jaron brings what really matters into focus. Time, Real & Imaginary is a free download, here.

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