There’s no hiding the fact that I’m still addicted to songs like Looking For Knives and St. James, even though we haven’t heard from DYAN in quite some time. The Los Angeles-based alt pop trio even mesmerized me when I made sure to catch them live at SXSW over a year ago, but they’ve dropped off the map since then. I’m happy to share that DYAN has finally returned with their gorgeously entrancing indie pop. They’ve offered up a superb cover of José González´ Cycling Trivialities, giving the Swedish artist’s song a delicate and intricate re-imaging on a track so unmistakably DYAN. The song trickles gently, burbles softly, and captivates fully. It’s not surprising that DYAN and José González are a match made in heaven. His capricious strolling melodies and finespun folk music lends itself perfectly to DYAN’s understated beauty and eloquent intonation, which at times feels like Florence Welch gone minimalist. Alexis Marsh of DYAN explains: "I cycle my fair share of trivialities. It feels too delicate to have been written for a stranger, as a judgement of their public persona; it could be directed at anyone. At all of us. But whoever it’s directed to/from, this is a one-sided story …“  I’ll gladly continue cycling through DYAN’s growing repertoire of elegant musical offerings, and none of it is ever trivial. Their cover of Cycling Trivialities will be on a new EP named Absence. 

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