Canadian four-piece Dizzy continues to awe critics and melt our hearts with the band’s tender bedroom dream pop on new single Joshua, out today via Royal Mountain Records / Communion Music. The pellucid trickling gem follows on the heels of remarkable prior singles like Swim and Pretty Thing. Airy, lustrous guitars and soft, saccharine vocals truly leave us dazed by Dizzy and their gently heartrending, intimately stirring lullaby. 

Singer Katie Munshaw explains it’s ”a goodbye to someone who left my life unexpectedly. There’s a constant buzzing in your entire body after a relationship ends without closure. At first it chatters through to your teeth and bones, but eventually it dwindles down to a soft humming in a secret hiding spot in your heart. Coping. This song is ‘Goodbye, and thank you. I hope you’re well. This is what’s happened since you disappeared on me.’” Dizzy will be playing a series of tour dates these next few months, including stops in the UK, France, Canada, and Austin. Perhaps they’ll fit in some California shows at some point, too. One can hope…

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