Los Angeles based band Elle Belle, who we’ve had the honor of premiering music by before and who’s also collaborated with Brooklyn indie pop darlings Lucius in the past, will be releasing their new album No Signal on June 29th via Little Record Company. Elle Belle graces us with a new single from the record. In The Garden, which Elle Belle’s Christopher Pappas says is a song about becoming obsolete, is a sleek strutting yet deeply reflective delight. Elle Belle’s hazy psych pop and wavy synthrock meld into one another alongside the song’s syncopated beats and nimbly plucked strings. Pappas explains: ‘You had a vision there – in nowhere America, and had it disappear to end up in the soil.’ A blue collar worker that’s had his or her job turned over to automation, an artist who wonders if the voice they have is relevant anymore, or seeing someone who has broken your heart move out and move on. It’s about that pain we feel when we’re pushed aside to make room for the new. I think this sentiment within the baby boomer generation fueled the backlash that lead to the Trump victory. I also think it scares impressionable young white men to believe his voice is becoming irrelevant and so he pushes back against POC and women.” His new nine song album works through the stages of a breakup, leading us on an all too familiar journey through heartbreak, betrayal, bargaining, and unanswered questions. No Signal is ultimately an album about breaking up with America and isolation. You can pre-order No Signal digitally or on limited edition vinyl now at Bandcamp or iTunes.

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