If you haven’t heard of Left Boy yet, it’s high time you did, because this artist, described by some as an Austrian prodigy, just released his new album on Ferdinand on Warner, and it features amazing tunes like this one, KID. Left Boy is a highly successful musician across Europe, including Germany, France, and the Benelux region. As heard on KID, his lyrics are honest, his productions unique and stunning. Left Boy is a floridly crafted song, poignant yet lifting, anthemic and lilting. Hip hop, alt pop, and earthy rock fuse seamlessly, strung together with lush orchestral interludes and raw guitar strums. Unsurprisingly, KID has already garnered over 123K streams on Spotify and 44K views on YouTube since it surfaced. Left Boy wrote KID at a time when a friend sadly passed away. It’s nothing short of heartfelt. Six tracks from new album Ferdinand were made into a visually stunning mini-series, which you can watch on YouTube, here.

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