Those that have never been to SXSW probably think five days is plenty of time to see all that you want to see, but between the endless showcases occurring at any given moment and the long list of music friends to meet up, catching everyone becomes an impossible feat. As such, I’m sad to say that I had to miss out on seeing NVDES again despite my undying love for the Josh Ocean project’s quirky and playful electronica/pop. Those that follow IHM closely know how much love we’ve lavished on the project, and how happy we are that NVDES has received a fresh spate of attention due to their music being used, not once, but twice in Apple television ads lately. I’m sure the melon-loving project from Los Angeles dazzled fans old and new alike in Austin, just as they did in San Francisco last year. They’ve hit the ground running upon returning from Texas, too, and unleashed not one, but two new genre bending tunes. Stream jaunty stepping, R&B leaning electro suitor Louì above, then dangle your feet in the warm rippling, sunshine-dappled waves of islandy alt electro jam Jump The Gunman below, which is a message of solidarity from NVDES and past collaborator Remmi to the March For Our Lives movement. . You never know quite what NVDES will bring us in their next release, but we always know that it’s going to be a fresh and imaginative, scintillating and satisfying delicacy. 

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