Last Friday was huge for this long time fan of NoMBe, the genre defying electro-soul artist who counts Pharrell as one of his fans. We’ve taken a spectacular journey with the acclaimed musician over the past year as he unveiled amazing song after song from his debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me, and the full record has finally hit the shelves! NoMBe scored millions of streams online in the process, plus everything he’s created for our eager ears has been inspired by the women in his life. I was fortunate enough to finally catch an incendiary NoMBe set at SXSW over a week ago, where the charismatic musician performed a stunning set with his all female band (another way in which he supports the feminist movement). You can stream They Might’ve Even Loved Me in full, here. Aside from all the phenomenal songs we’ve already shared in the past (most recently, Drama with Big Data which just received a lot of love from Sir Elton John), the album features a few new tunes, like this song, Man Up, a muggy curling, toasty swaggering electric soul jam that melds old fashioned panache with modern day genius. Man Up is like Two Feet and Milky Chance grooving out together, with a thick coating of NVDES’ wonky whimsicality. They Might’ve Even Loved Me is also available from major outlets, here. I can’t wait for NoMBe to make his San Francisco debut at Popscene on April 25th, alongside Mansionair. It’s going to be a magnificent night. Find out more about his forthcoming tour, here.

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