East Coast electro-dream pop veterans Vacationer last released new material in 2014, when their sophomore album Relief dropped. So it’s a pretty big deal in our books that the Philadelphia-based band has unleashed a new tune on us. Magnetism is a sonic “vacation” well worthy of the long wait, a gauzy grooving, wonky skipping jam that almost feels like Electric Guest and Phantogram had a wild child together. Perhaps this intoxicating new arrival is a sign of much more to come from Vacationer, maybe even a new EP or full length? You can count on it that we’ll be on the lookout for news, while we’re jamming out to Magnetism on repeat, of course.  About the song, Vacationer’s Ken Vasoli’s says: ‘"Magnetism" was fun to write and came together fairly quickly. It’s intimate subject matter, trying to describe the connection I share with my loved one. I wanted to keep it lighthearted. The title comes from an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story that my girlfriend had mentioned early in our relationship. I like the word and it’s an accurate representation of this feeling we experience. Sonically, I wanted the track to bounce like a 60’s uptempo soul groove; like my warped interpretation of “The Loco-Motion” instrumental. This song gave me a lot of rejuvenation to finish the record. It sparked a new approach for my music-making and marks a point when I started enjoying the process much more.’ The single is out now on Downtown Records.

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