It’s been a treat watching queer San Francisco based artist and producer SUMif ascend the electro-pop ranks with her music this past year. Steph Wells, the musician behind the magic, first caught our ears with wildly infectious Lay Down, a song that still pops into our heads at the most random of moments (and we sure do cherish it when that happens). We’ve also had the pleasure of catching her energetic and charismatic sets live countless times at Popscene in San Francisco. It was just this week that I caught wind from industry friends that Steph will be bringing SUMif to her very first show in New York soon, and we’re excited for all the new fans she’s going to reel in when she does. SUMif returns today with new single Love Shop, a vivacious glimmering, saccharine pulsing electropop song and another instantaneously hooking, snappy contagious addition to her growing compendium of earworms. SUMif told C-Heads Magazine about the song: 

“The crazy passion and intensity in the beginning of a relationship can drive anyone mad and I’m certainly not immune to that. There’s no fiercer feeling than the possibility of a love story unfolding, besides of course, the feeling of interest fading and that story ending. Love Shop is about getting wrapped up in the women who have come into my life and losing myself completely into something that wasn’t even real. It’s this realization that ultimately sets me free – that I deserve more than an illusion of love.” We’re more than ready to hop and dance to this jaunty and peppy new SUMif jam, which is a free download, here.

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