For better or for worse, we live in a material world where “money talks”. But we also live in a world where a Los Angeles outfit like BEGINNERS can enthrall us with their rousing music on new single Let That Money Talk, so it can’t be all that bad, right? All money worries fade away for the moment as BEGINNERS douses us with gently glowing, softly edged electro-pop on their seductive sparkling new tune, which is lifted from their forthcoming album CREAM, due out this summer. Samantha of BEGINNERS explains: “I spent a shocking amount of 2017 inside of Jumbo’s Clown Room, an iconic LA strip club.  Somehow the night always led me back there; often with a girl who I was desperately infatuated with.  It was exhilarating and tortuous spending night after night in such a sexually charged environment, yet always winding up alone.  I wrote ‘Let That Money Talk’ after one of these long nights.  There was a metaphoric magic between the unrequited love of customer to dancer, and myself to this girl. Always given just enough to want more.” It all seems like a tragic love story, but beautifully told on this aureate glistening song. A tinge of melancholy can be felt in its warm blustering synths and brassy mournful flares. Let That Money Talk is available from iTunes, here. Those in LA can catch BEGINNERS at School Night tonight! Details, here.

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