Those who are patient are well rewarded, especially when it comes to Bloodboy and her sultry romping music. It took the Los Angeles based surfer-turned-musician nearly a year to release her latest single, Sex Crime. In the meanwhile, we’ve nearly gone unhinged, wondering when and if she’d re-emerge with new material. Lexie Papilion more than enraptured us in the past with her fiery magnetism and gutsy spirit. The songwriter, producer, and (scintillating) performer pelted our hearts with a dashing brand of rambunctiously smoldering pop punk. Today, she marks her return with that very same blazing confidence and igneous charisma on Sex Crime, a crunchy jangling, burly whirling swarm of pop rock, overflowing with Papilion’s ever impassioned wails and white-hot yelps, which tend to remind us of Karen O. The cocky strutting, melodic


single is taken from Bloodboy’s forthcoming debut album Punk Adjacent, set for release this summer. 

Papilion, who wrote and co-produced the song, explains: ‘”Sex Crime" is about a woman in her early 20s who is pursued by a young man in his late teens, and while she can’t deny she feels a certain attraction to him, she ultimately decides he’s too young. Sex Crime is meant to reflect the nuanced nature of love and lust, as well as a comment on the rigidity of our legal system in regards to romantic relationships it deems inappropriate. 

While I believe there is no “magic age” dictating our physical or emotional capacity to consent, I do believe we have a moral responsibility to recognize and accept the inherent power imbalance at play between two people when there is a large disparity in age.’ We can breath much easier now that we know a Bloodboy full length is on its way. For now, you can purchase Sex Crime from iTunes, here, and bop out to the frisky, feisty tune to your heart’s content. 

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