Since we shared Colorado singer songwriter Stevie Wolf’s Who, the track has gained over 150K plays on Spotify as well as been added to numerous Spotify playlists, including that ever treasured New Music Friday compilation and the US Viral 50 list. And now, Stevie is back to stun with his exquisitely emotive voice and his genre defying fortitude on new single Low. Its sooty soulful, mournfully solemn acoustic blues blooms into sanguine waltzing alt pop, before tucking back into its worn and leathery, bitter and aching indie rock.  

Stevie explains, “I’ve had depression since I was 13. And it’s rarely the reeling, twisting misery often depicted. I grew up listening to emo and metalcore and those genres usually take a pretty dramatic approach to inner turmoil. But there’s not a lot of music about incipient, lingering depression: the kind where, from the moment you wake until you the moment fall asleep, you just generally feel empty and flat. Maybe you don’t even cry; you just feel tired and sluggish and don’t want to see your friends or really talk to anyone so you make excuses and cancel plans and just hide away in your bedroom. One day you wake up and realize that weeks have gone by and you didn’t really do anything. You didn’t take any risks or try anything new, and your friends feel less close to you because they haven’t really seen you much. You languish slowly while you decay.” It’s a familiar affliction for many these days, and quite often a well kept secret, but now we have Stevie Wolf to comfort us and remind us not to suffer in silence, to reach out to one another and lift each other out of these devastating “lows”. 

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