Northeast England indie upstarts Llovers present us with music well worthy of lusting after on Just Lust, a dreamy ambling, melodic drifting track that examines perceptions within society and how the band feels disconnected with certain stereotypes. Jack Brooks’ tender vocals hover sublimely on a bed of muted beats and vaporous strings that build lushly and crescendo opulently towards the song’s heart wrenching, breathtaking apex. 

Discussing the songwriting process, Jack stated: “Just Lust is the sum of a deeply personal exploration in 2017 concerning how I felt within myself. I considered the effect that perception of ‘men’ as a generalised group moulded my own mental health and enforced a feeling of disconnection from a percentage of the population. Musically the track is built to replicate the thought process providing time and thought before erupting in a wave of raw emotion in a cathartic way”. Just Lust is out now on all major platforms. 

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