Kevin George is a name to remember, but even if you’re bad with names, there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing it aplenty in the future. The 20 year old newcomer is a musician and producer from Connecticut, and he’s already making waves with his first single, High Like This, a self-produced blend of R&B soul, electronica, and hip hop that rises above the endless sea of urban music that has besieged the world as of late. It’s raw and heartfelt, hypnotic and seductive, in a dark moody, solemn and pensive fashion. Kevin George takes inspiration from a very wide range of venerated talent, including Prince and Tame Impala, so you can expect his future releases to be eclectic dazzlers, too. The self contained bedroom artist/producer also released a music video for his first single, which you can view below. It’s a psychotropic trip that befits the song’s title. Kevin George’s High Like This is all the high we need tonight. Stream the debut via Spotify, here.

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