In the final quarter of 2017, a new Scottish boy-girl duo named LOVE SICK blew a lot of tastemakers’ minds when they made their debut with Bullet, arguably one of last year’s best pop debuts. You can re-visit the track via our feature, here. So, how does one follow up such a smashing introduction and first release? By climbing charts and enthralling hearts with a second single like Hope, of course! The pair, who also announced their debut headlining show in Glasgow on April 3rd last week, re-capture both my ears and my heart with their bittersweet but sanguine new softly glowing electronic pop song. LOVE SICK explains that Hope is reflective of the struggles and anxieties we all have in life. “It’s a tale of keeping focus in a climate crowded by fears and insecurities.” We live in a time of discontent, when so many around us are struggling with depression and anxiety. LOVE SICK brings us a delicate yet stately message of comforting optimism with their lush sailing, emotive flourishing new ballad. 

As Shaun & Julie further explain: “HOPE is a song about chasing your dreams envisaging them right in front of you mixed with the struggles and anxieties you have to overcome to get there, with the silver lining being the hope that one day you will. We spent a lot of time traveling between Glasgow and London exploring opportunities and hustling – writing, recording, meeting lots of new people. Sometimes all that hard work can feel like it’s for nothing, but you keep going and this song represents our journey so far.” It’s a journey we much empathize with, and one that doesn’t delineate from much of what we all experience, whatever the fine details. We’re fortunate to have such a gorgeously breathtaking, intricately woven pop song to escort us through our dark times. Stream/purchase Hope, here.

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