Though we can’t help but feel rather crestfallen and despondent that Aash Mehta has moved away from us and the Bay, we find immense solace and endless elation in the electronic producer’s latest single, No Secrets. It’s a beautifully emotive, orchestral lush, and grandly rousing future bass opus with honey smoked vocals from Los Angeles’ Alex Lusader. It’s also a rather personal track for the artists involved in the song, which is more than apparent in No Secrets’ heartfelt and ardent design. Alex Lusader explains: “No Secrets is the story of me telling my loved ones a dark secret I was harboring for 12 years. It was as if I was held captive by this secret, holding it in for as long as I did, keeping it from the people I cared about most. As hard as it is for me to write about it, it is also very freeing all at the same time. Even though it still makes me nervous to talk about it, having the power to speak my mind and gain my control back is the best thing I could ever do to let myself move forward and stop living my days in the past. By singing about my experiences, all I could ever wish for is to inspire others to speak up, free themselves, and live life the way it was intended to be lived: Happy & Free.” 

Aash Mehta, now based out of Chicago, continues his steady ascent in the crowded production scene to stand above his peers and besides fellow melodic bass/future bass luminaries with this stunning new song. No Secrets is both earnestly tender and powerfully moving, a dichotomy that lifts us out of darkness and into the light of hope despite all the personal baggage and unspoken secrets that might be weighing each of us down. Stream/purchase NO Secrets, here.

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