Cleveland’s Teflon Sega and New York producer WAJU continue to prove themselves an immaculate pairing as they serve up an emotional slow burner of an alt R&B and ethereal electronic piece named Press Play And Escape. The song even begins with the beautifully mournful strings of what sounds like a Chinese erhu. There’s no “escaping” the sensual nostalgia that envelops us once we “press play” on this stunning ballad. It’s as if The Weeknd’s  R&B has received an extra cinematic makeover, topped off with Teflon Sega’s buttery melting, more lissome swooning voice. Press Play And Escape could very well be the most gorgeous R&B song we’ve heard all year. Its poignant yearning cuts deep, while its velveteen glissade incites long, blissful sighs. Press Play And Escape is a free download, here.

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