I’m utterly torn up by today’s tragic news, and my aching heart sincerely goes out to Chester Bennington’s family, his friends, Linkin Park, and all their many fans around the world. Though I’ve drifted away from Linkin Park these past few years, seminal albums like Meteora and Hybrid Theory will always have a special place in my heart. They were very much a formative force in the development of my music tastes. I obsessed over remix album Reanimation, too. I can’t even begin to fathom how many times I listened to these albums. I have so many memories connected to Linkin Park, whether it was blasting their albums out of my old souped up Civic while hanging out with my BFF, or going to their shows and making new connections with fellow fans, some of whom are my closest friends today. We suffered a great loss today, and I can only hope that Chester is up there in the great big sky, hanging out with his buddy Chris Cornell, finding peace. I was fortunate enough to catch them together at Linkin Park’s touring festival Projekt Revolution back in 2008, and I shall cherish that memory for all eternity. 

It’s only proper that we take a moment to watch the new video for Linkin Park’s Talking To Myself, which happened to come out this morning before the sad news surfaced. The song comes off of Linkin Park’s latest full length, One More Light, which we now know is Chester’s final album. We lost one of the most remarkable voices of the 21st century today. He was a man who brought us together, in life and in death. Linkin Park has been loved by people from all walks of life, and from every corner of the world. Chester’s memory, and his legacy, will live on, bringing us comfort and helping us through our hard times, as it has for so many years. We’ll be singing, or rather… BELLOWING along to In The End, Crawling, and so many other Linkin Park classics in exultant joy, together, forever. Linkin Park’s album One More Light is available, here.

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