Unless you’re brand new to IHM, you’ve probably put up with quite a lot of my babbling regarding Dan Snaith’s brilliance of the years. The musician and producer from Canada is responsible for one of my all time favorite electronic projects, Caribou, but he’s also the man behind the groundbreaking music that is Daphni, too. In just a few days, Daphni’s new Fabriclive 93 mix, a collection of 23 new unreleased tracks and four new remixes, will be arriving on our doorsteps. We’ve already heard immense taste Tin, let’s now turn our ears and attention to Hey Drum. It truly is an ode to the drum, a study in percussion, and a heady hypnotic deep garage meets R&B house dazzler. Snaith uses his sonic wizardry to jostle and entrance us with an intricate array of rhythms and patterns, which he saturates with his usual command of spacial texture and stereophonic sound. Daphni’s new mix arrives on July 21st. 

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