Los Angeles based alt pop project The Federal Empire made major waves in the scene when they released their debut EP The American Dream last fall, a record whose sweeping songs we had zealously shared, one after another, prior to the EP’s arrival. After touring extensively across North America, the band is back with a fresh new tune to cement the impression they’ve made. Lead singer Chad Wolf, well known as platinum selling Carolina Liar, and Grammy award nominated songwriter McKay Stevens, reunite to serve up a folksy stomping rallying cry of an anthem in What Are We Fighting For.  Its widescreen magnificence is fit for stadiums and arenas, but the song also relays a message that many might find personal, particularly in this day and age. 

What Are We Fighting For poses some possible answers to its title that are more than relevant, including money, religion, and power. The Federal Empire explores the negative impact of war with lyrics like “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”, but they also tell a story of those affected by war. “There have been so many terror attacks and wars around the world and we are fighting for peace and hope through music that can bring Unity and Love. The One Love Manchester concert on Sunday was a perfect example.

Chad and McKay sing with gang vocals in the chorus of the song to express unity and the belief that music can break down barriers and bring people together better than anything else. The goal is to share the anthem and have thousands singing along with them at live festivals this summer.“ Grab your copy of What Are We Fighting For from iTunes, here, and join in on its unifying chorus, as I have.

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