We’ve been extolling the virtues and genius of k?d for well over a year. In fact, we were convinced from the very beginning that this enigmatic young artist would ascend to the highest production ranks with his starry eyed compositions. Sure enough, his rise has been meteoric, and it shows no sign of stopping as k?d puts his musical savvy and visionary creativity on full display once again by offering us a fine new future beats anthem named glitch boy. k?d has the capability of rocketing us into a whole new universe with his fluorescent synths and choppy beats. Who needs to understand the theory of relativity, or a re-useable spaceship crafted by Elon Musk, or a theoretical wormhole, or a degree in astrophysics, when we have k?d to launch us into the great beyond? Take that trip over and over again by downloading glitch boy for free, here.

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