Sometimes, I really do wish there were a delete button for conversations. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to have the option to take back what’s been said, to nullify the hurt we’ve caused, to turn back time and destroy every last bit of regret tormenting our hearts. Sadly, we live in the real world, where even emails and texts, snapchats and instagram posts can’t just disappear and be forgotten. At least we can all suffer the torment of our choices together, whilst melting into the sweet aching bliss that is Teflon Sega’s new song Deleted Conversations. The enigmatic New York crooner first caught our attention a few months ago with Beretta Lake. He’s now back with a new collaboration with co-producer WAJU to send us to gooey nebulous,

creamy levitating electro R&B heaven. There’s no doubt you’ll be pining over someone by the end of this song. Perhaps it’s a ghost from the past. Perhaps it’s someone new you’re wild about.

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