[PREMIERE] BEij – What Was I Thinking

Electronic music group BEij swoops out of Seattle to burn us up with a genre bending form of pop on new single What Was I Thinking. This seething indie ballad is a syrupy swooning emulsion in which soul, blues, R&B, and electronica dissolve into a hot river of molten lava ready to liquefy our hearts. BEij’s creamy smooth cooing pitches and yaws on a blistering bed of racy simmering guitars and restless billowing synths. Though this tightly wound soundscape calls to mind a number of Jack Garratt’s tumultuously gripping tunes, BEij’s What Was I Thinking strides with slinky confidence of its own, all while dusted with sensuous spice. BEij describe their music as “eliminating the divide between what is natural and synthetic”. What Was I Thinking is exemplary of that achievement, a pristine cohesion between acoustic and electronic. The emotionally charged single is a free download, here. For more of BEij’s nimble song crafting, visit the group’s Soundcloud, here.

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