My heart tends to skip a beat when new Woodes arises, but truth be told, it’s possible it completely forgot to palpitate throughout the duration of the Australian singer songwriter’s new song, Rise. The feathery pop and subtly nuanced downtempo electronica found on this song are truly that beautiful, leaving me shivering under their fleeting touch. Rise was co-written with The Force, co-produced with Simon Lam, and it features a group of brilliant musicians who have named themselves Rise Choir for the occasion. Who does this collective involve?  Only Alex Lahey, LANKS, Lupa J, Nirrimi, Abraham Tilbury, Edward Vanzet, Golden Vessel, Tommy Wilson, Juice Webster, Uncle Bobby, Jaysways, and Batts, that’s all. Excuse me for a second as I pick my jaw off the floor. Their vocals amplify the spacious atmospheric quality within Rise. Despite its cozy intimacy, Rise feels cosmic and vast, wondrous and hopeful. It leaves me with a rosy glow. Rise is a new taste from Woodes’ debut EP, which is shaping up to be a spectacular record.

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