From the very beginning of Louis Vivet’s Slow Burn, we know we’re in for something epic.  A key turns in the ignition of a car and an engine kicks in. Suddenly, a dramatic pulsing of dark synths puncture the air, like a slow crescendo of adrenaline. Our hearts start to pump in sync with Slow Burn, and anticipation builds exponentially. It’s sweet release as featured vocalist, Los Angeles siren Mister Blonde, pierces that heavy atmosphere with her majestic soaring, brilliant towering voice. Production duo Louis Vivet delivers a phenomenal track that pairs retro synthcore with the wide expanse and sweeping energy of progressive house. Louis Vivet wanted to release something special in anticipation of their first show on Gareth Emery’s 100 Reasons To Live Tour, so they’ve released this splendorous track which they’ve been playing in their sets for about a year now. Slow Burn is available from various outlets, here.

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