“Oops” is certainly not a word I’d normally expect to encounter as a song title. The exclamation usually represents mistake, doubt, and regret. Yet, there’s no way Martin Garrix’s Oops came about by error, and there’s nothing to regret once you’ve plunged yourself deep into the Dutch producer’s bubbly chromatic song, which is the theme for E3′s  “YouTube Live at E3″ program this year. Though I haven’t been a “gamer” in years, I was once addicted to the very video games that also inspire Martin Garrix and so many other prolific modern producers these days. I suppose I can relate to the adventurous wonder and fantasy worlds so creatively and vividly portrayed in the rich synths, lush beats, and vibrant arpeggios found in Oops’ brushstrokes. Oops is a free download, here.

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