SAID THE SKY Interview @ Slim’s SF 05.14.16

*interviewed by Nick (with Amy in attendance)

Denver’s Said The Sky has been touring with his good pal ILLENIUM on the Ashes Tour, and I Heart Moosiq had the pleasure of chatting with Trevor Christensen after the producer dropped a powerfully enrapturing set during their sold out stop at Slim’s in San Francisco earlier this month. Read our interview below.


IHM: First off, welcome to San Francisco. Has Illenium shown you around?

Said the Sky: Yeah! So the first time I was out here was a while ago and it was with Nick and Sean and everybody. We stayed with Nick’s family because his parents live out here. It was a vacation so we weren’t really stressing out over shows. It’s one of the most beautiful pla… like I’ve never been anywhere else where it’s like San Francisco. It’s got a totally different vibe, and that sounds really hippy-esque, but the whole atmosphere is totally different from other spots.

IHM: Is this your first time actually touring and going around the US?

Said The Sky: Yeah yeah. Legitimate tour, this is 100% my first tour.

IHM: Illenium was telling us that you met when he moved to Colorado. How’d you guys end up connecting?

Said The Sky: That was through this dude Chris Cox, who goes by Omega, and lives out in Denver. He’s really one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet, really humble, has an ear for music and mastering and everything. So he was mastering both our tracks at the same time. He was like “Yo, you two should work on something together” and I heard some of [Illenium’s] stuff and was blown away. We just ended up moving in together since we were both leaving our places at the time and it was really good timing.

IHM: Was that when you guys started working on tracks together?

Said the Sky: Drop Our Hearts 2 was before we moved in together and from there it progressed more and more into collaborations.

IHM: How did the Owl City – Fireflies remix come about? Were you asked to do it?

Said The Sky: That’s actually really funny! It was actually one of [Illenium’s] ideas. I grew up listening to Owl City and I loved that shit and he was like “Dude, you should just remix it.” I never actually considered that because it was already perfect the way it was. So I was like, “Okay, it’s not a terrible idea. Let me try some stuff.” I actually sat on it for a while. It wasn’t something that I knocked out right away. I had the first couple of minutes done, basically the intro into the groove section, and I was really happy with it but I didn’t know how I wanted to drop it. After about a month or two I finally figured it all out. But yeah, it was not official. We even tried to reach out to the record label but never got a response.

IHM: I thought it was an official remix. It was the first song that got me into you. I have to ask because I know a lot of artists sit in the studio to create something, but with your music … your music makes me think you sit in a meadow and meditate. Where do you get your inspiration?

Said The Sky: That’s so funny because I’m the most lame person you’d ever meet. I’d love to go to a meadow but I’m a lazy piece of shit. I usually sit in my studio and write some music. That would be amazing though. I pull influences from a lot of spots. Growing up, I love my family. My mom and dad ended up divorcing. I saw them all when I was young, they’re still nice to each other, but it’s just the environment I was growing up. Just everything. Positive vibes were instilled in me so young. Now even listening to music, you just pull stuff from everything.

IHM: Is Seven Lions one of your biggest inspirations?

Said The Sky: 100%. Definitely. Oh my God, yeah. He was one of the first artists that got me into melodic dubstep. That was my first passion – well, I got into trance first – then I heard Gemini. He was probably the first melodic dubstep artists I’ve heard. I don’t know if you’ve heard his stuff. He’s got ‘Graduation’ and ‘Blue’.

IHM: He just came out with some new stuff recently.

Said The Sky: Really?

IHM: Yeah, he just put it out.

Said The Sky: Yeah, the last one I heard was nothing like his first stuff.

IHM: Yeah, it’s a really different.

Said The Sky: But he’s good! Really dope stuff. Gemini was really a huge starting inspiration. Then I heard Seven Lions and it was a whole ‘nother level. His chords, notes, and musicality. He’s got the sound design in there that takes it to the next level.

IHM: How was the show in your hometown Denver?

Said The Sky: One of my favorite legs of the tour so far.

IHM: Does your family usually come out for that?

Said The Sky: They’re both on really weird work schedules. My mom gets up at like 3 in the morning and works till 1. I generally play late enough where I wouldn’t even ask her to come out that late. There was one event where I was opening for Prince Fox and I feel like that event would have been perfect for her. So she came to that. My dad and stepmom have come out to a few shows, like they saw me at Red Rocks, but he works till 11pm. So work schedule makes it tough.

IHM: I wanted to go Red Rocks at some point.

Said The Sky: Never been?

IHM: I haven’t even been to Colorado.

Said The Sky: Dude you have to go sometime. People are nice in Colorado. Like you say hi to anyone and everyone will be polite and respond back. I went to the east coast and I didn’t get that vibe.

IHM: Well, you’re playing at The UNTz Festival. Will there be other festivals you’re playing at?

Said The Sky: There is one, but I don’t know if I can officially announce it.

IHM: Illenium’s performing at Lollapalooza and I was hoping you would be there.

Said The Sky: No, honestly, so the plan right now is after the tour I have a few festivals I’m playing. For the most part I want to take several months off from shows. The next few steps for me are working on music. I’m really pumped up with this one track that is like ‘Darling’ but with some other indie-rock inspiration that I’ve been pulling from. So I’m writing more music that’s more consistent that I can put out regularly. In the long run I want to put out a live set. Right now I’m just DJing with a traktor and CDJs, but what I really want to move to having a piano on stage. I’ve been playing piano for so long that it’d be silly for me not to do that. [Illenium] had me out at Decadence last year, tuxed out, just to play the piano and I never felt more at home.

IHM: Dude, I think I saw a picture of that.

Said The Sky: No way, really?

IHM: Yeah, when I looked up “Said the Sky Lollapalooza”, there was actually a petition to get you on the lineup. There was a photo of someone in a tux and I thought to myself, “well that’s kind of random”, but it makes sense now.

Said The Sky: Wow, no shit. If it was a white grand piano then it was probably me. Actually it wasn’t even a grand piano. It was just a keyboard inside the frame.

IHM: That’s dope.

Said The Sky: Yeah so that’s the next step, a live set. I love DJing but man, I love playing the piano.

IHM: I saw Lido playing the piano at both Coachella weekends and it was phenomenal.

Said The Sky: Dope!

IHM: Well we can’t wait to hear and see it.

Said The Sky: Thanks for your support. It’s been awesome having your support every time I put out something. It means a lot to me.

IHM: No problem. Especially after seeing how much joy you have performing and how easy-going you are as a person, we love supporting great artists like you.

SAID THE SKY: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

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