The sophisticated and jazzy soul on Charlotte Day Wilson’s Work is spellbinding and breathtaking. The 23 year old singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto literally stopped me in my tracks as I was attempting to complete some tasks at work. I set everything aside and gave Work my full attention, lulled in by the musician’s heavy hearted vocals on the sensual slow burner. Rich gospel and mournful blues swallow me up whole, evoking within me a picture of an uphill battle, its exhausting and punishing nature like that of hustling in a chain gang of days long gone. Shuffling drums and somber organ add to the song’s powerful exploration of courage that comes through tenacity. Through obstacles, we build strength and character. Through Charlotte Day Wilson, we get a taste of that empowering determination in a very intoxicating and heartfelt fashion. Purchase this young rising artist’s brilliant new song from iTunes.

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