Have I been sharing a remix every few days of Fred Falke’s It’s A Memory, which features Elohim and Mansions On The Moon? I just can’t help it, the original is a brilliant track and the remixes that I’ve encountered are all clever and innovative approaches that take us in very diverse directions. Plus, truth be told, I’m much in love with Elohim’s vocals on the track. That voice takes on an even more amplified level of spellbinding enchantment on a wondrous remix offered up by Southern California duo Oliver. The producers give us a very disparate It’s A Memory, taking it into bright and shiny electro pop / nu-disco territory. While prior remixes have been much pensive and rather brooding, Oliver’s It’s A Memory is optimistic and hopeful. These are good memories, happy memories, memories that make the future seem so promising and new. Fred Falke’s It’s A Memory remixes EP will be out February 26th, pre-order now on iTunes

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