Friday’s already the best day of the week, but today is even more special, because today, Coucheron unleashed his Playground EP, a seven track palette of vibrant sonic color featuring a myriad of sensational guest talent. Along with the Norwegian electronic producer’s EP comes the release of an endearing music video for song number six off the record, Ruby, the very one that had me beaming in enthralled rapture when we first heard the audio last month. Ruby is a brilliantly pulsing song, a rippling fusion of synthpop and 80′s hued synthrock. It also features guest vocals by Sweden’s enchanting songstress Noonie Bao, who makes a sweeping pairing to the song’s contrasting elements of cascading synths, passionately sizzling guitar, and dirty woozy bass. We had a sneak peak at how incredibly adorable the music video might be in the artwork for the staggeringly infectious single, featuring the cheeky mugs of two doe eyed bulldogs. Sure enough, Ruby’s video tells a story of sappy puppy love, a canine representation of human romance. It’s nearly cuteness overload on the playful rom-com video, a sweet confection to go along with Coucheron’s candied song. 

Coucheron says, “Casting two untrained bulldogs as lead characters was probably not my smartest decision, but we had an amazing time shooting the music video for Ruby. Special thanks to the talented people at Ferdinand Film, and of course, Edgar and Karma.”  Coucheron’s Ruby, along with Edgar and Karma, have stolen all of my heart. There’s nothing left for anyone else. Listen to Ruby on repeat with me and gaze into Edgar and Karma’s eyes for all eternity. If you’re able to tear yourself away for a brief moment, stream Coucheron’s Playground EP, here, and purchase on iTunes, here.

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