Euphoria is an apt song title considering how FMLYBND’s new song is about to make you feel. It’s also appropriate for how overjoyed I am to share their new track. You see, the band, from Santa Barbara, is one of my most favored emerging acts. This fond regard has only been heightened by the FMLYBND show I was lucky enough to catch a few weeks ago at Popscene in San Francisco. They brought the house down with their animated, vivacious set. The crowd surged, leapt, and bound to every beat of every song, fully inebriated on FMLYBND, even going as far as crowd surfing in a space which normally doesn’t see that sort of action. 

After enrapturing us with several sensational releases this year, including a cover of the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind that rivals, if not tops, the best of the plentiful covers from across the decades, they continue on their song a month path and regal us once again, with magnificent Euphoria. 

Euphoria is an enthralling alt and synthpop anthem full of vigor. Unlike what we’ve heard so far from FMLYBND this year, its ravishing lead vocals are delivered by the female member of the band, Mac Montgomery’s wife Braelyn (hence the name FMLYBND). She also showcases her masterful song writing talent on the track. Braelyn’s voice is an excellent fit for Euphoria’s soaring melody and near dizzying, twirling energy. Warm, swelling synths and a dance ready cadence conjure some Passion Pit innuendo, but Euphoria is also doused with a bittersweet, wistful dreaminess. It’s a song that makes me want to dance all night till the sun comes up, only to find myself heartsick to leave it all behind as sweet memories past.

FMLYBND will be touring with Milky Chance next month, a sensational billing that promises a spectacular evening. They also have a few more shows lined up before then. I highly recommend you keep an eye out for deets on or on  

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