Spector – Don’t Make Me Try


I swear this weird thing always happens to me, wherein I start wondering about what’s going on with a certain band I love, because we haven’t heard from the act in awhile. And then, lo and behold, something new drops and an announcement arrives soon afterwards! Time flies, and it’s been two years since UK band Spector released their fantastic but far overlooked debut album Enjoy While It Lasts. This means it’s also been two years since I had the pleasure of catching Fred Macpherson and the boys live at Popscene in San Francisco, after which I managed to meet the band, eat some cheetohs off their trailer, and take a photo with Fred with my teeth painted orange (note to self, cheetos not good before photographs, but so tasty after some adult beverages and live music).

Spector’s music is spectacular live, partly due to how great their post punk and synthwave flavored music tends to be, and partly due to the absolute rock star charisma of cool Fred and the rest of the band. I’m glad to share their new single Don’t Make Me Try with you today, which, like previous stand alone song Decade Of Decay, is produced by Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. Don’t Make Me Try is a surprisingly mellow song compared to some of their upbeat songs that I’ve loved before. It carries that dreamy synthwave atmosphere that I absolutely adore. And it marks the completion of Spector’s sophomore album, from which I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more singles off of in the coming months. Revisit the colorful video for Decade Of Decay below, if you missed it a year ago, and because it’s so good, and because Dev Hynes produced it.

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