Some time last year, I first stumbled upon a Seven Lions remix. I knew right then and there that Jeff Montalvo would be part of a new wave of up and coming dubstep producers, riding the wake left behind by the impressive rise of Skrillex and the momentum of America’s sudden dubstep addiction, but also crafting their own singular paths and sounds out of it, allowing the natural evolution of music to take place. Indeed, Skrillex has ventured forth into new sonic territory, while producers like Seven Lions have focused on a new brand of more subtle, less glaring and grating dubstep. A few months ago, I attended a Skrillex show on his Take Over tour to San Francisco. The one I attended, partly by design and partly due to venue choice, happened to be the show where Seven Lions opened. He threw down a fantastic set and easily could have been the headliner. The Santa Barbara producer released his brand new EP Worlds Apart this week, and all five tracks on the EP are stunning. Likely the most popular right now is Don’t Leave, a melodic track featuring red hot British pop star Ellie Goulding with always on point vocals. However, none of the other tracks are to be waved away or overlooked. Blissed out second track Worlds Apart features Kerli. The cathartic tune reminds me greatly of Zedd’s Clarity, featuring Foxes, but it’s undeniably, obviously a dubstep tune. Head over to Seven Lion’s Soundcloud to check out the rest of the EP, and prepare to hear his name a WHOLE lot more.

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