By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard about the surprise Skrillex album in some way, shape, or form. The album is titled Recess, and Sonny Moore gave no hint before this morning that he was going to drop a bomb on us. The 11 track album features a long list of amazing collaborators and showcases Skrillex’s burgeoning, growing ability to incorporate different genres into his music. I noticed this over the past year, and at his live show when he did his series of Takeovers quite recently (note to self, pay parking citation from that night, ugh). Instead of sharing the whole thing, as many have done, I’m presenting a few choice cuts that I liked a lot immediately. Above, stream the title track Recess, which features Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop, and Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. Seriously, all the tracks are super dope, but these are ones that stood out more from the boundless drops and beats earlier this morning on first listen. Check out the more subtle (as if Skrillex is ever subtle, ha) Stranger below, featuring KillaGrahm. I was also much delighted and surprised when I reached track number 10 and Niki & The Dove’s DJ Ease My Mind suddenly came into the picture. I’ve been a huge fan of that song for like, four years now, and really loved Niki & The Dove’s debut album 2 years ago. They’ve been silent as hell for the past while, and this Skrillex flip of the tune was a real pleasant surprise. Check it out below, too! To stream the full album, head over here.

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