OFFICIAL VID: Twin Shadow – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out feat. Samantha Urbani

Brooklyn synthpop musician Twin Shadow, or George Lewis Jr., has been giving us endless covers of other artists’ songs for the past while. In his latest offering, he covers something that many would consider untouchable. He covers the Smiths. Not only that, he covers There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Yep. That’s right. Who does that? It’s a risk, one that he decided was well worth taking. And boy, does he pull through on it. Twin Shadow’s cover also features vocals by Samantha Urbani of Friends, who recently guested on a large part of her boyfriend Blood Orange’s excellent album Cupid Deluxe. Together, they give us one of the most surprising covers of the year so far.

Their version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is so different from the original, so weirdly astray, that it’s rather befuddling at first. That is, until you realize in the very next second that the cover is absolutely BRILLIANT. The first few seconds of the cover comes off sounding like the work of Blood Orange, aka Dev Hynes, with its synthy, dreamy, hazy, but grooving production and Urbani’s familiar smoky vocals. Then George’s vocals kick in, and it’s so obviously Twin Shadow. It all made my jaw drop to the floor, and I had to listen to it, over and over again. What balls to do what he did to a song so many of us love devotedly. And what an amazing updated version we now have… So synthy, so lustrous, so intoxicatingly good. It’s ominous, yet still melancholic and angst ridden. MIND BLOWN.

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