Palma Violets

Hmm! This is one of those rising UK bands that took me a little while to catch wind of, but are apparently creating a healthy level of buzz already on that side of the pond. I noticed them only because NME actually chose THIS song, Best of Friends, as their number one track of the year. THAT is a very strong statement. I looked through that list and was surprised to see this song and band I’d never heard of before. And so, of course, the right thing to do was to look them up. And yes, the song sounds great. Palma Violets is a four piece indie rock band with a sound that greatly reminds me of Future Islands, Alt-J (hot band of the year?), and WU LYF, with perhaps even some Doors thrown in. And let’s not get started now on the death and breakup of WU LYF after only one album… sigh. Once you hear Best of Friends below, you’ll know why I compare them all in the same sentence. They all have that similar garage rock and psychy sound with rough, sometimes yelling, emotional vocals. It may have taken me a little while longer than usual to hear about them here in America, but there’s no doubt that Palma Violets will become a very recognizable name in 2013.

And to show you that song was no fluke, check out this other song, Last of the Summer Wine, with its grand instrumentals, deep vocals, and more of a post-punk darkwave vibe. The song is the B-side to Best of Friends, which is out as a limited single on CD and 7" purple vinyl. PURPLE VINYL. LIMITED. 7". OH BOY. Might have to find one for myself. 😉

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