OFFICIAL VID: The Veronicas – Lolita

The official video for The Veronicas’ return single Lolita is out today. As said before, the song didn’t completely impress me from the get go. Those first few bars of the song sound like a gazillion other EDM songs out right now. However, as the song progresses, the strong harmonizing vocals of the sisters goes from 0-60 in record time and the catchy, high energy chorus kicks in. The progression of the chords and melody are very signature and typical The Veronicas work, and it’s a song that’ll quickly drill itself into your head and get stuck. You still can’t compare this track to some of their older songs that were far better, but it’s a very decent tune once you get past those first few hurdles. And, as always, the sisters shine the most brightly when they perform acoustic renditions of their songs and you hear their voices crystal clear. I’ll tack on the acoustic video I posted last week again below. I’m waiting for them to go on tour once the new album drops so that I can catch them live. It’ll be fun, but I pray they’ll do some acoustic songs in their set! The Aussie rock duo look as beautiful and hot as ever with their raven hair and supermodel looks.

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